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MB series lift control system
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MB series lift control system:

MB and / Serial elevator control series is designed for elevator control computer designed; its design is based on reliable, low-cost, full-featured, easy to maintain, easy to use and beautiful design ideas

The use of PHILIPS's super chip P89C61RD2 as the control chip; XILINX's XC9572 field-programmable high-density I / O expansion; the latest storage technology to record the serial data; external watchdog chip watchdog function and control procedures for monitoring composition of two to ensure the normal operation of the control program; LM2596 high-current switching power supply to ensure stable system operation, and low power requirements of power; optical coupling and high-speed optical isolation frequency in parts of computer technology, the MB computer can receive up to 1000K / S count pulse.

Less integrated circuit, with new elevator control programming, MB is simple to achieve a reliable, simple and the low-cost, simple design is easy maintenance.

PC concentration of each functional device modular layout, circuit glance, with a high anti-jamming capability, the entire board and beautifully designed, easy connection.

Because of these advantages, MB won since the launch of a number of computer users and praise, is a highly cost-effective computer.

MB computer designed for high-performance elevator control, but the built-in 32-layer below the standard procedures; basic input points, 28 points, a door zone input, a pulse counting points, 20 points out the basic output. Communication between the board has the following three connections:

1. Full serial mode: palette, and all the call board outside the four-conductor serial communication connection;

2. Semi-serial mode: external call signal board in the control cabinet, within the election board by four-core cable serial connection;

3. All in parallel: outer plate and call signals within the whole election board in the control cabinet;

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