Germany B & F Elevator Inverter
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Germany B & F Elevator Inverter
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Germany Brunner & Fecher Regelungstechnik GmbH (referred to as: B & F), the production of FB10 series inverter, has passed the European CE-certified, reliable security and quality assurance.

     The drive motors for use in the elevator of professional vector control inverter, its hardware and software in full compliance with requirements of the environment and the use of the elevator designed to lift the motor control technology with a more professional and more excellent control performance and long-term reliability.

     FB10 Series inverter includes elevator control system and the most advanced drive system between the DCP communications, control technology, the use of the technology is still first in the country. The only built-in high-quality power supply EMC filter Inverter, professional products, high performance and low cost, no similar products to match.