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Elevator elevator technology with the Chinese Foreign Comparison
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Elevator has been around for 100 years of history, in the 100-year history, the rapid development of the global elevator technology, China from scratch, China's elevator technology has advanced technology and international financial integration, forming a unique elevator systems.

Abroad, mainly three series of elevator technology:
1, the U.S. technology;
2, European technology;
3, Asia technology.

OTIS elevator technology is based on the United States-based elevator technology, including Canada. Always keep U.S. technology advanced technology, so there is no will from the most advanced elevator technology applications in the world.

European elevator technology is the most widely used international elevator technology. European technology in the global elevator and the elevator that was durable, generally lift life of 25 years. Market leader with Europeans than Americans is good, so the joint venture in the world, the European elevator technology as an international common technology pioneer, while the European elevator lift standards to international standards.

Japan Asia elevator technology is the leading elevator technology. Japan due to the user good mental grasp, so well known for comfort. But the Japanese for their own interests, so although the use of comfort is good, but the elevator lift life expectancy is only 60% of Europe to ensure the service life of only 15 years.

China's draw each of the long elevator technology, both in the elevator lifts life in comfort and are also used in Europe and Japan's strengths, to make the elevator a good long life and comfort. This may be the influence of Confucianism is the Chinese people unique.

Technical support and after-sales service to Europe as the most, China is relatively poor, the reason is that China has not kept up the quality of service the needs of users.

End users in China choose not to be considered when the elevator is the elevator comfort, but also need to consider the life and usefulness of the elevator, the only way to choose the right elevator. Of course, signed a contract with the supplier must consider the after-sales service to ensure the safety and equipment life using the elevator.

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