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Modern elevator can have the following basic features that some manufacturers as a standard feature in the elevator on the configuration, some users can request configuration. In addition, there are some other new features in the elevator.
A single lift function
1.1 and drivers. Closed by the driver start the elevator from the car in order to select the button, hall call to cut only along the ladder, automatic leveling.
1.2 assembly election. Assembly election is within the command car and hall calls and other signals focus on a comprehensive analysis of the highly automated process control. It can command on the car, hall call registration, stop delay self-closing start running, one by one with the answer, auto-leveling automatic door, along the ladder to cut, wrap to the reverse response, service automatically summoned.
1.3 downstream assembly election. Line with the next set of elections only function, so only set down hall call buttons, can not be cut up ladder.
1.4 operate independently. Only through the car in order to drive a particular floor, designed for specific passenger service floor, did not respond to other landing and hall call.
1.5 In particular floors priority control. There are calls for special floor, the elevator in the shortest time response. Answer to when the car in order and ignore the other calls. Arrive at the particular floor, the feature automatically canceled.
1.6 stop elevator operation. At night, weekends or holidays, through the ladder to stop using the elevator stopped at the designated switch floors. Stop the ladder, cabin doors closed, lighting, fan power, in order to facilitate saving and safe.
1.7 coded security system. This function is used to restrict access to certain floors of the passengers, and only when the user through the keyboard input a predetermined code, in order to proceed to lift restrictions floor.
1.8 full load control. When the car in full, do not respond to hall call.
1.9 to prevent mischief function. The function to prevent mischief and press the button too much car in order. This feature is automatically car load (passengers) and the car in order to compare the number, if too few passengers, but too many instructions, will automatically cancel the extra car in the wrong order.
1.10 remove invalid instructions. Clear all inconsistent with the direction of the elevator car in order.
1.11 Opening time automatic control. According to hall call, the car in order types and the car in, automatically adjust the opening hours.
Traffic control to open the door by 1.12 times. Monitor passengers out of traffic, so that the shortest opening hours.
1.13 extended button to open the door. For extended opening hours, so smooth out passenger car.
1.14 fault re-open the door. Not due to failure to make the elevator doors closed, try to re-open the door to close.
1.15 forced to close. When the door is blocked more than a certain time, a warning signal, and to some of the forces forcibly closed.
1.16 optoelectronic devices. Used to monitor the entry and exit of passengers or cargo.
1.17 light curtain sensing device. Effects of the use of screens, such as closed when the passengers are still out, the car door does not touch the body will automatically re-open the door.
1.18 control box. Deputy in the car on the left control box set, with each floor above the car in order buttons, easy to use when passengers more crowded.
1.19 lighting and fan automatic control. No signal in the elevator hall call, and within a period of time the car in order not preset, automatically cut off light, fan power, in order to facilitate energy saving.
1.20 e-touch button. Finger on the button will be completed within a hall call or car registration instructions.
1.21 light-stop. When the elevator arrived, the hall lights flashing, and a two-tone bell-stop-stop.
1.22 automatically broadcast. The use of large scale integrated circuit speech synthesis, play gentle female voice. There are a variety of content to choose from, including reporting floor, say hello and so on.
1.23 low self-help. When the elevator stopped between the layers automatically to low speed towards the recent floor elevator door stop. In a primary and secondary CPU control of the elevator, although the CPU features two different, but they also have low self-help capabilities.
1.24 power outage emergency operation. When the mains power outage, the standby power used to run the elevator to the designated floor stand.
1.25 fire emergency operation. During a fire, so the elevator automatically to a designated floor stand.
1.26 Fire operations. When the fire switch is closed, the elevator automatically return to the base station, this time can only be carried out by firemen car in operation.
1.27 earthquake emergency operations. Seismograph of the earthquake through the test, the car stopped at the last floor, so that passengers can quickly leave the building to prevent the swing as earthquake, damage to the rail, so that the elevator can not run, endangering personal safety.
1.28 the initial micro-earthquake emergency operations. Early detection of micro-earthquakes that occurred before the main shock on the car parked in the last floor.
1.29 fault detection. The fault recorded in the computer memory (typically 8 to 20 can be deposited in fault), and the nature of the digital display failure. When more than a certain amount of failure, the elevator will stop running. Only troubleshooting, clear the memory record, the elevator to run. Most computer-controlled elevators have this feature.
2 group control elevator control
Elevator group control more than one elevator is concentrated arrangement, a total hall call buttons, according to prescribed procedures and centralized scheduling control of the elevator. In addition to the single elevator group control elevator control, but also by the following features.
2.1 maximum and minimum functions. Specify an elevator system, when summoned, to be the minimum time for an elevator, and to predict the maximum possible waiting time, wait time for an elevator can be balanced to prevent a long wait.
2.2 Priority Scheduling. In the wait time for an elevator does not exceed the value of a floor of the hall call has been received by the command of the elevator summoned layer.
2.3 Regional priority control. When a series of calls, the priority control system first detected in the region "for a long time to wait for" the call signal, and then check whether these calls near the elevator. If there is, near the elevator summoned by, or by the "maximin" principle control.
2.4 In particular story of centralized control. Include: ① the restaurant, auditorium, etc. into the system; ② According to car load and call frequency to determine whether congestion; ③ in the crowded, full-time deployment of two elevator service for these floors; ④ crowded floor without removing these call; ⑤ crowded automatically extended opening hours; ⑥ crowded restored, the switch from "maximin" principle control.
2.5 full report. Call statistics and load conditions, to predict the full load, to avoid the elevator has been sent to a layer change in the way they send is one. This feature works only with the signal.
2.6 Starting the elevator has been the priority. Originally the call of a layer, according to the principle of the shortest-call standby elevator should stop layer is responsible for. But this time the system first determines if start-stop layer standby elevator, the elevator summoned by the other passengers until the ladder when the time is too long. If, however long, summoned the elevator on the other, rather than starting standby elevator.
2.7 "long wait" call control. If you press the "maximin" principle when control of the situation of the passengers waiting for a long time, then transferred to the "long wait" call control and alternates on call to an elevator.
2.8 Special floor services. When a particular floor are called when one of them to lift an elevator group control, services for special floors.
2.9 Special Services. Elevator service priority for the specified floor.
2.10 peak service. When the traffic tend to peak on a peak or lower, the elevator automatically strengthen the demand side of the larger service.
2.11 independently. Got down to run independently within the switch by the elevator group control system from separating, then only the button command within the car works.
2.12 decentralized backup control. According to the number of elevator building, set low, medium, high base station, for useless elevator stops.
2.13 main floor stops. In idle time, to ensure that an elevator stops on the main floor.
2.14 Several operating modes. ① low-peak mode: When entering the low peak traffic sparse mode. ② normal mode: the elevator press the "psychological waiting time" or "maximin" principle of operation. ③ uplink peak: the morning rush hour, all elevators are heading for the main floor, to avoid congestion. ④ afternoon services: the restaurant-level services. ⑤ downlink peak: the peak of night, the crowded floor to enhance services.
2.15 Energy-saving operation. When traffic demand is not, the system has found waiting time below a predetermined value, which indicates that the service has exceeded demand. Idle elevator will stop running, turn off lighting and fans; or the introduction of speed to run into the energy-saving operation. If demand increases, then they gradually start the elevator.
2.16 short-range avoidance. When the two shafts in the same car a certain distance, approaching at high speed will produce air noise, this time by detecting the elevator to each other to maintain a certain minimum distance.
2.17 immediate prediction function. Press hall call button, which immediately forecast elevators will be the first to arrive when they arrive and reported once.
2.18 Monitor panel. Monitoring panel installed in the control room can be monitored by light indicating the operation of multiple elevators, you can choose the best operating mode.
2.19 group control standby power operation. On standby power, all the elevators in order to return the specified layer. Then the elevator with a limited number of standby power to continue running.
2.20 Fire control group to run. Press fire switch, all the emergency level towards the elevator, the passengers fled the building.
2.21 is not controlled lift handle. If an elevator malfunction, then the original call to other designated elevator summoned.
2.22 failure backup. When the group control management system failure, the group perform simple control functions.